[WONTFIX, DANGEROUS] Add jpeg size options to "RAW+jpeg" on Rebel line

Started by mobius, June 28, 2013, 06:37:07 PM

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Rebels only have RAW+L, but I'd like to see at least RAW+S available now that I'm shooting tethered.  Since this feature seems to be available on ALL but the Rebel line, could this be a hidden feature that just needs unlocking via ML?

Perhaps this has already been discussed, but I didn't find it while searching.  My apologies if this is a duplicate thread.


Sraw + small fine did not work on 600D... got the sraw but not the small fine.

Seems possible at least test but not friendly nor bulletproof. Will also probably stop you from changing it in the canon menu.


Dang.  Thanks for the response, I'll just live with longer dl times to my tablet. :)

BTW, ML has been super freaking awesome.  I've had it on my T2i since its release and it has been totally stable across multiple cards.


Old cameras are out automatically too.. changing to illegal quality on 50D/5DII/550D = crash.