Lexar 16gb 1000X CF card behaviour

Started by Tony Jay, June 30, 2013, 12:11:37 PM

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Tony Jay

Hi, I am a newbie to the wiles of ML, but was able to install ML with raw capture capability on my 5D III with no issues recently.

For my first post I have a question regarding the behaviour of my Lexar 16gb 1000X CF card
I tried this card using the benchmark in ML on my 5D III.
It gave read speeds of about 20 mb/s and write speeds of about 5 mb/s.
Strangely on actually capturing raw video at 24p 1080 it appears to go at about 90 mb/s and works fine.

Any ideas on this?
Am I missing something here?

Tony Jay


I'm assuming you are using SD card for ML, and also you are using latest build. If yes. Then just go to ML settings and set preferred card to CF in the card settings. Turn the camera off then on. Now, try to benchmark again.
Canon 5D Mark III