Author Topic: HDR Bracketing + Intervalometer + Silent Pics -> Strange Results  (Read 2257 times)


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Hi there,

today i wanted to shoot some HDR timelapse. I used a 5dIII with a 1000x CF, the settings were as following:

- 3 bracket exposure with 2EV over/under
- 5 second interval
- Silent pics "Simple"

I shot in movie mode, so i could close the aperture without using the lenstwist method.

Back at my computer i realized the exposures were a real mess, correct, over and under were totally mixed up. Sometimes up to three of the same exposures in a row.
The only thing consistent was that every third picture was a correctly exposed one, the two after were always totally random.

Did i miss some important setting?


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Re: HDR Bracketing + Intervalometer + Silent Pics -> Strange Results
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2013, 04:54:25 PM »
I'd also like to know if this technique is workable or not.  Regular (non-silent) HDR/timelapse works fine, but I am seeing no exposure differences at all when I try the 'silent' flavor :(

EDIT: It now looks like HDR bracketing with silent only works properly in 'M' mode (?).  This would be unfortunate, since it is in 'Video' mode that I attain best resolution with my 500D.