How to get FilmConvert working "the right way" with ML raw :)

Started by noisyboy, June 26, 2013, 03:23:58 PM

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Film convert's suggested acr setting for ml footage
This gives you incredibly and i mean INCREDIBLY noisey video...
I still think that my method of using visionlog and setting the contrast to -50 is much better.


That applies only when you are not using Cinelog for true Rec.709 or LogC conversion of ML RAW.


FilmConvert's film curve is pretty aggressive and as @MGerard pointed out, even genuine Arri Alexa footage doesn't fair well without some tweaks. I would recommend setting the film curve to 70-80% and adjust shadows, mids and highlights to taste. FilmConvert can't be just added without some adjustments. We have Cinelog-C and Cinelog-C Film Matrix LUTS coming next week that match Alexa Log-C gamma and color quite well and we will include what we feel are optimum settings for FilmConvert. When you get it right it really sings! :)
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