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Started by theollybanks, June 26, 2013, 03:06:14 PM

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So I was trying to work out how to import my CinemaDNG's (from the fantastic RAWMagic app) to Premier Pro with out the lengthy existing workflow of either after effects and other such work arounds, I came across this plugin Adobe developed to do just that, apparently it was discontinued just under a year ago, however using the fantastic WayBack Machine you can in fact still access and download the plugin.

Sadly the pitfalls are still there, it only imports the RAW Data as 8-Bit (it somewhat defats the purpose of having 14-Bit RAW) However I think for REALLY fast turn around projects that don't require incredibly heavy grades this coupled with RAWMagic yields a very fast workflow that still affords you the benefits of improved resolution, and for Mac users allows the entire process to be handled on one computer, with out having to use RAWanizer on a PC! (It claims to be CS5.5 Only, I've tested in CS6, 5.5 and CS 4 and it works perfectly & Its Free  ;))

Main Website:

Link To Plugin (Macintosh)

Link To Plugin (Windows)

(My sincere apologies for this post being "Bracket-geddon")


I'm trying that plugin but, I couldn't to import my dng files, how you do that?


You have to use the file menu, Import, then navigate to the folder where your CinemaDNG's are located and select the first frame, all this information is on the first link, it describes the entire process in one place or an other. Theres a small bug where the "footage" imported is interpreted at 1fps, however all you need to do is re-interpret the footage as the frame rate you recorded in, and this can be done en-mass so its not a massive problem


Just like that I import, however Premiere just stop and close it... I don't know why do that


I have the same problem :( RAW is very nice but the workflow is still pain in the ass... ;/


I think is because I work with 14 bits images, but I don't know how render it in 8 bit


I manage to import fully 14-bit dng,s and also the .RAW files directly to premiere timeline when I install the ginger hdr plugin(demo).
Still don,t know if the importer-wrapper will stop working after demo-period or not?
More info here


I install ginger HDR, but, I don't to edit pictures with adobe Camera RAW, like the plugin of Adobe Labs...