Author Topic: Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) / raw2dng.exe - White Balance Range + Hue Shift Issue  (Read 3635 times)


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Hello Everyone,

The issue I've found is when shooting in lighting conditions where the environmental light colour is wildly different to that set by raw2dng, there is a need to adjust the Camera Calibration Tab inside of ACR.

I have attached the original DNG file in question as well as screen grabs of ACR with:

1. As Shot - White Balance @ 6200K
2. Auto - White Balance @ 2850K
3. Custom - White Balance @ 2100K ( Notice green/yellow colour cast on the face )
4. Camera Calibration - Green Primary - Hue to 100%

I was videoing my 10 month old in her bright green and yellow walker in my apartment living-room under halogen and florescent lighting in the evening. I would characterise the colour temperature to be very warm.

I was shooting with a 5D Mark III with the June 15th ML nightly build.

I've only ever noticed this issue when shooting under artificial lighting. While I do set the white balance in camera, this information is not written into the raw files. ( I read somewhere raw2dng.exe assigns 6200K during extraction? )

While setting a standard wb is fine since it is adjustable after the fact, my adjustments are getting awfully close to the 2000K limit. Is there an option in raw2dng to assign a different wb value?

Also, adjustment of the Camera Calibration Tab is worrying because I have never had adjust this with my other videos shot with day-light or something closer to 6200K.

Has anyone else had this issue come up?



Download associated files from link below:


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I do have the same issue. Raw2DNG seems to apply some kind of auto-WB to the ProRes-Mov-Files. When i shoot several RAW-Files they all do have different WB which is quite annoying in Post. Is there a possibility to apply a certain WB-Value during conversion to ProRes?


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White balance value is not stored in RAW files. You have to set it manually in ACR.


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Try to change the model name in exif from "Canikon" to your model "Canon EOS 5D Mark III". This way ACR will use the color profiles for your camera and will behave better for warm temperatures because it will use the dedicated for this case "Illuminant A" color profile.


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I am not using ACR. I directly used the ProRes-Mov Files raw2dng creates when processing the .RAW-files.