Author Topic: Noob with a few questions....and hello to all timelapse enthusiasts :)  (Read 1040 times)


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Didn't see a sub-thread for intros so hoping this area might do.
I'm a Sony type but I love timelapse. So far 'normal' daytime timelapse is a go with the Sony bodies I have (Nex 5,6,7 and Alpha 77). I'm also a backpacker-thus the love of the dimuitive Nex bodies....but something is missing as you can see in my first big timelapse effort:
The missing part of of course the transition between night and day :(

It didn't take long for Google to prove to me that anyone serious about this transition must consider a Canon body....and that's why I'm here!

So far I've learned that there are two powerful methods to apply to the Canon- the Magic Lanter or the Little Bramper-correct?
I'm thinking the ML is better for a backpacker; just simply less to carry/loose expose to the elements and that the
ML Bios mod is completely internal requiring nothing else to carry-hoping I'm right here?

If I'm right in the above then I've chosen the Canon 5D Mark II to be my 'transitioning' time lapse camera.
Thoughts you could share with the noob?
Any and all are appriciated!