Author Topic: Focus Feedback 5Dm2 and 3  (Read 1291 times)


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Focus Feedback 5Dm2 and 3
« on: July 08, 2013, 08:31:33 PM »

When you're in live view with DSLR Remote Pro or Eos Utility, or the Canon SDK, there is no way to detect after a live view autofocus if the camera is still focusing, if the focus is set or not...

People from DSLR Remote pro says no way, Canon SDK support says the same thing!
Maybe it would be possible to redirect the "Bip Bip" when the focus is set to the sound output of the camera and disable the micro in order to get this bip bip and analyse it?

I just would like to do an automatic panoramic of 1000 photos with a panoramic head and a 600x2=1200mm lens. No autofocus except live view focus, but when the focus fails or takes too much time, you have to be there!

Do you have some idea? :)
Tank you!