Archiving Digital Source Material Post Project?

Started by CreativeEndeavor, September 16, 2014, 09:33:17 PM

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Dear Magic Lantern users,

I just completed Summer in Seattle on Espresso and have almost 1 TB of data sitting on my hard drive.  I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro Project Manager to slim down the project, but would like to keep the source material.  What do you guys do with all the extra footage once a project is complete?  Should I just go through all of the files, keep what I want and delete the rest?

Thank-you for your suggestions.


If you use external drives, then storage space is virtually endless (until you run out of shelf space to stack the physical drives). Personally, I would keep everything until you need the space and then delete what you have to.
And, of course, keep (at least) two copies of anything you care about.