Upscaling in AE vs from Lightroom?

Started by Nang, June 18, 2013, 04:26:31 PM

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Hey guys, I have a lot of footage I shot on my 60D, but they're in 960x540 resolution. I'm looking to upscale to either 1080 or 720. Initially i was going to do it this route:

1) Open each DNG sequence in Lightroom
2) Make any color/lighting adjustments
3) Exporting to tif in 1920x1080
4) Bring into AE

But I have about 200 DNG sequences which would take me forever to export into tifs.

Is the following viable and with good resolution?

1) Import the DNG sequences into AE
2) Place all DNG sequences on 1 timeline, with ample space between
3) Resize the DNG sequences by 199% (fitting the 1920x1080 frame)
4) Exporting to lossless avi
5) bring into Premiere Pro for editing

My question is, will blowing up the DNG sequences in AE reduce the image quality? I'm looking for an efficient workflow without jeopardizing image quality and if anyone have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.


***UPDATED --- nevermind, there is a difference in quality. Exporting tiffs from Lightroom has better quality. Does anyone have an efficient workflow for dealing with about 200 DNG sequences?
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