VAF-6D / Mosaic engineering VAF anti-aliasing/moire filters

Started by kgv5, June 17, 2013, 08:54:04 PM

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Quote from: IAmChris on January 14, 2014, 10:38:25 AM
Hello folks,

sorry for opening that old threat again, but i'm currently using a 6D as well and the moire issues are horrible. It seems like that filter does a lot to solve that exact problem, but still kgv5 mentioned he's got a 5Dmk3, although the filter does a good job. My question is whether the 5dmk3 is worth the money when the filter works just fine.
Maybe kgv5 could give some insights about his thoughts on that particular topic, as he now is in the perfect position to summarize whether the 5dmk3 really is the better choice for video (especially raw) or if the 6D with the vaf filter would be totally ok?
I guess he wouldn't have bought the 5D then?


For raw video, the 5D3 is definitely a better choice since it takes CF cards (unlike the 6D). For h264 video I would say the 6D with VAF filter is an excellent choice.
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The only reason for buying 5d3 over 6d (with VAF) was this damn CF slot (or rather limited writing speed of sd controller in 6d). 6d with VAF in terms of picture quality is the same or even little bit sharper than 5d3 but raw recording is the key here.
IAmChris, i think it is worth to add some more and buy 5d3. 6d is a great camera (with VAF is brilliant) but after all this raw recording breakthrough it suffers very badly because of slow writing speed.   5D Mark III, 6D, 550D


thanks for your reply guys.
So it really is all about raw and the cf slot... alright - guess there is no choice then :-)


Hello kgv5!
Bringing your thread to top again, since you looks like only one person worldwide (if didn't sell 6d yet) who owns both cameras and VAF :)
So the question is regarding to very short time raw recording. Write speed is obvious issue, but if you will compare like 5-10 seconds clips recorded with 6F+VAF (1792x) and 5d3 (1920x) would you say it worth go for 5d3? Do these false rainbow color patterns gone with 6DVAF in raw video? Ungraded flat shots arent that bad and rainbow isnt visible even w/o vaf sometimes, but after grading all those pattern pops up and ruin the look.

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Not sure but the 5DIII cannot write to the SD card at the same speed the 6D can. Also to write continuous full raw HD, you either need very costly CF cards, or to lower down the resolution, bringing it into the 6D capabilities range.

Also 6D in low light is a plus. I'd say it's good when you shoot multiple cameras, to have both 5DIII and 6D. I don't think the VAF filter cost is a problem when you realise that CF cards to write full HD raw go from 350 to 750 bucks each depending on the speed.