Pink frames at high raw resolutions

Started by a1ex, June 17, 2013, 02:59:32 PM

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I don't have a solution yet, just an observation that will make it easier to reproduce.

1) enable raw video
2) enable grayscale preview
3) don't click me

60D: grayscale preview has distorted images (same as recorded)
5D2: all OK
5D3: distorted images every now and then

So, while edmac_memcpy is active, it can interfere with writing the source raw image to RAM. You can check this by calling edmac_memcpy in a while(1) loop.

If grayscale preview is not active, the LiveView image may stutter (though it has no distortion).

If raw flag is not enabled, running while(1) edmac_memcpy doesn't seem to have any side effects.


On 600D it was from cpu usage. The grayscale preview uses a lot of CPU. Also clearing screen and some refresh type things caused distorted image while they were happening.


I don't think it's cpu usage per se, but some concurrency issues (conflicts between our edmac_memcpy and some Canon stuff).




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