My Rant on Canon's Lack of Innovation Lately

Started by Dugdale, June 12, 2013, 08:02:13 PM

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Been subscribed to your channel for quite some time now, pleased to have you on the board! I find it EXTREMELY humorous at how similar these bodies are, and its awesome to see someone with a viable online presence actually throw it in the manufacturers face.

BTW I heard that a1ex and 1% are actually Pepsi guys ;)
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@hirethestache thanks for subscribing to my videos! I do a lot of coding myself, while I love pizza I am more of a Diet Coke guy myself. :)


Let's hope Canon doesn't become the Microsoft of the camera world.
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Quote from: Dugdale on June 12, 2013, 08:39:13 PM
@hirethestache thanks for subscribing to my videos! I do a lot of coding myself, while I love pizza I am more of a Diet Coke guy myself. :)

You code? Never new that... When was your profile pic from 2000? You had black hair!


@xNiNELiVES I mostly code in PHP and Coldfusion not the serious coding that is going on here at ML. That picture was taken on my wedding day some 10 years ago - what has happen to my hair since then!


Thanks Dave. I will sleep happy in the knowledge that there is not much point in changing my old T2i ;)

BTW, the new mode dial will do infinite revolutions? That's a big step up from a limit of 1 revolution! Wow what a feature breakthrough. Imagine the poor old retailer selling these in the store. How could they possibly differentiate?
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Awesome man! Very cool review and love the way you are telling the truth to Canon, pretty hilarious :)
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As has been said in other similar threads, most people impulse purchasing a DSLR are likely to end up with something Nikon, or something Canon with little or no tech knowledge about the differences.

So what are the motivations? With electronics there's the massive stigma that if you buy something old, you're an idiot and that's usually true.

If they go into the shop and see a 2 year old 650D or a 3 month old Nikon somethingsomething for the same money, they are going to buy what's newest on the assumption that it's better. Canon pushes out something 'new' each year in the ***D line for this reason, it would seem.

To be honest I think it's reaching a bit of a plateau in terms of what hardware features you can add to an entry level camera.

When you buy an entry level DSLR like a 700D, it's still bazillions better in terms of usability for first time shooters than it was 10 years ago.

In terms of the software innovation, which is effectively maximising the usability and effectiveness of the hardware with software - Magic Lantern has shown what each camera is easily capable of, if they chose not to ignore development in this manner.

Why in god's name no Canon DSLR has a built in intervalometer at the very least, so many years after a digital cameras have become the norm truly boggles my mind.

It seems Canon wants to treat it's DSLRs as though they are still film cameras, a mechanical item with the minimum software and firmware required to make it functional.

In saying this though it's sooooooo hard to change anything in a giant corporation, it's like trying to do a 3 point turn with an oil tanker.

If there's a "Dont fix what aint broke" mentality there, it going to change any time soon.