Author Topic: Investigating Best Cluster Size (ExFat and Fat32) - SD Cards  (Read 25248 times)


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All tests were done at 1792X672. GD off, Force Left On, Canon Preview Mode, 0 second delay, 255mb buffer size. Tested on the 6D with [113]


2048 bytes: 420 Frames
4096 bytes: 435 Frames
8192 bytes: 450 Frames. Sometimes got 435 Frames
16 kilobytes: 435 Frames
32 kilobytes: 450 Frames
64 kilobytes: 435 Frames
128 kilobytes: 450 Frames
512 kilobytes: 450 Frames

2048 kilobytes: 435 Frames
4096 kilobytes: 435 Frames

8192 kilobytes: 450 Frames
16384 kilobytes: 450 Frames

32768 kilobytes: 435 Frames

What I've found is that when using high cluster sizes from about 4096 kilobytes and formatting takes a long time to load. Also when you turn on and off the camera, the camera takes longer to detect and undetect (when turning off) it seems. The red light is on for a long time... On smaller sizes such as 2048 to 512 kilobytes and lower, the load times for the camera and formatting on the computer are very quick. So the best size for ExFat is 32 kilobytes.


Can someone else test? I don't wanna have to go through that again lol.