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Started by nanomad, June 01, 2013, 12:55:41 AM

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Quote from: Walter Schulz on June 28, 2017, 11:53:33 PM
Make sure to have loaded MLV_REC.MO only.
Select Canon video settings for 1920p 24fps.
Use ML menu to record 1280x720.
Use ML menu to run 24 fps (fps override).

Record and report back.

Just did three tests, still 31-32 avg write speed, max 25 seconds recording.

Here's all my settings:

- Canon menu:

Image quality: RAW
Beep: Enable
Release shutter without card: ON
Image review: 2 sec

Lens aberration correction: Disable
Exposure comp.: 0
Auto lighting optimizer: Off
Custom white balance: no image
WB Shift/Bkt.: 0,0/+-0
Color space: sRGB
Picture style: Neutral (with prolost flat)

AF Method: :-) + Tracking (but I have lens on manual focus)
Movie servo AF: Enable
AF w/shutter button during rec: ON
Grid display: Off
Metering timer: 16 sec.

Movie rec size: 1920x1080 24 fps
Sound recording: Auto (wind filter and attenuator disabled)
Video Snapshot: Disable

Histogram Disp: RGB (but I have canon's gui disabled)
Ctrl over HDMI: Disable

Select folder: 100CANON
File Numbering: Continuous
Auto Rotate: On

Auto power off: 15 min
LCD Brightness: Middle
LCD auto off: Enable
Video System: NTSC

Screen color: 2
Feature guide: Enable
Touch control: Disable
Sensor cleaning: auto cleaning enable
Custom Functions: all in 0
Firmware ver.: 1.4.4

- Magic Lantern menu:

White balance: Auto
ISO: 800
Shutter: 1/50.01,173 degrees
Aperture: 1.8
Picture style: Neutral (with prolost flat)
Expo Lock: Off
Expo Presets: Off
Expo Override: Off
ExpSim: Movie

- Overlay:
Global draw: Off

- Movie (non listed are off)
FPS override: 23.973
   -Desired fps: 24 (from 24)
   -Optimize for: Exact fps
   -Actual fps: 23.973
   -Rolling shutter: 16.5 us/ line
Raw video (MLV): ON, 1280x720  2.18x
   Resolution: 1280x720   2.18x
   Aspect ratio: 16:9
   Global Draw: Off
   Frame skipping: Off
   Preview Options: Hacked No Prev
   Status when recording: Icon
   Files >4GiB (exFAT): On
   Use SRM Job Memory: On
   Extra hacks: Off
   Buffer fill method: 4
   Reserve card space: ON
Movie tweaks:
   Force LiveView: Start & CPUlens

- Shoot: all off

- Focus: all default

- Display: all off except
Advanced settings (not mentioned means its default):
   Screen layout 16:9 HDMI,t/b
   Orientation: Reverse
   Auto Mirroring: dont allow

- Prefs:
Power saving in LiveView:
   Enable power saving: on Standby
   Use LCD sensor: ON

- Modules: only mlv_rec is OK

- Debug:
Free Memory: 127k + 3272K
Image buffers: 720x480, 960x639
Shutter count: 12k = 5044+7019
Internal Temp: 50 C, 122 F, 175 raw

Walter Schulz

Which is your highest resolution/data rate for continuous recording with MLV_RAW?


Quote from: Walter Schulz on June 29, 2017, 09:42:40 PM
Which is your highest resolution/data rate for continuous recording with MLV_RAW?

Sorry for the late response. Well, that would be 1280x582 (aspect ratio 2.20:1)

Walter Schulz

Just about 31 MByte/s. Some 20 percent missing ...
Two tests:
1) Don't use FPS override and twist resolution to find out highest data rate for continuous recording without.
2) Use settings you listed above with an older build. One year old would be fine. Try to twist data rate above 31.

I cannot cross test with my 650D right this week.


Hello, is there any way to set sound monitoring to my 700D?
Suddenly, there are some assemblies of enthusiasts ..

Walter Schulz


I know that the support for 700D sound monitoring does not work on ML, but there are probably those who changed the source and there are test versions.



i hope, this is the right forum.

I'm currently use ML with Canon 700d (firmware 1.1.5) and the latest nightly build.
I've only tested the intervalometer and it worked fine with the canon 50mm 1.8 und 18-55mm STM lenses.
Yesterday i tried it with the Tamron AF SP 70-300mm 4-5.6 Di VC USD and the cam crashed.
Camera was on, Liveview active und i've only zoomed in -> Picture in LiveView freezed and there were no functions anymore although the cam was working  even if i tried to turn the camera of and on.
The only thing which helped was to remove the battery.

Sorry for my bad english :)

Walter Schulz

Is your problem reproducable?


Quote from: Matze on July 20, 2017, 01:46:39 PM
i hope, this is the right forum.

I'm currently use ML with Canon 700d (firmware 1.1.5)...

The topic specifically for the 1.1.5 firmware is this one:

Could you please try reproducing the issue on firmware 1.1.4 and report back? You can find the Canon firmwares here:


Hi guys,
I'm pretty new to magic lanter and canon cameras. I succesfully installed on my Canon 700d and I enjoy a lot of magic lantern features.
I find pretty useful this shortcuts:

1- av + gear -> chage aperture
2- wb + gear -> change shutter speed

however I cannot find how to set the ISO. I also tried the arrow set pref option but I cannot use it (I read on this thread to active it by using the face sensor above the viewfinder but I'm not sure how to do it)

can someone please help me?
thanks a lot
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Hi, after that I found how activate arrows keys (be sure to enable lcd auto off) I notice that my values indicators are always white and not green in certain conditions (my 180 degree rules is perfect but my shutter speed is not green)
how to achieve that?
Electronic music/video producer and composer.
Dark Ambient Cinematic atmospheres from Sardinia.


Using lossless compression I was able to record around 300 frames of 1716x964 @ 25 fps.

The way you light your scene has a large impact in the compression rate of the codec. A dark frame reaches a way higher compression rate then an overexposed scene.

I don't want to share a build, because I get warnings saying I might have encountered the null pointer bug.


Quote from: ErwinH on August 08, 2017, 02:49:13 PM
I get warnings saying I might have encountered the null pointer bug.

May I take a look at your ROM? That's on the current crop_rec_4k codebase, right?

(it's probably a false warning, but let's check it first)


That's correct, the crop_rec_4k codebase.

You have the ROM in your PM.


Been testing the crop_rec_4k code on the 700d and I must say, I'm impressed. The card speed of the camera is a little slow for continuous recording at higher resolutions, but at least it's a lot better then uncompressed recording.

I don't know why I recieved the null pointer bug warning, but when running the test script on a 600D I received the same error message.

To get the crop_rec_4k branch compiled I copied some define's from the 5D3, which appear to work, but can probably be optimized. These values were:

Can I get some hints where to look for the correct values?


Hm, this would probably work on the eosm too? Not a lot of time on my hands here but exactly where and what was changed here?


ProcessTwoInTwoOutLosslessPath is an important part to get lossless 14bit working.

I had a quick look at the 600D, but haven't find the setargs and the resources part yet.


Maybe you could share sources for 700D build changes?


You can find the ProcessTwoInTwoOutJpegPath for the 700D here.

Since I'm unsure about the values above, I won't share a full build.


for all people having high temperature reported (over 50 celsius):

I recently bought a battery grip and the temperature decrease incredibly and nvere touch the yellow warning. With an outside temperature of 35° the camere touch just rarely the 40° also using overlays and autofocus
Electronic music/video producer and composer.
Dark Ambient Cinematic atmospheres from Sardinia.


Need to verify this with another 700D user -- turn on selftest module and try running the Stubs API test. Is it able to complete the test and save a log?

I was trying to run it on the 700D.115 update like I did several months ago but it kept getting stuck. Downgraded to 114 with the same results.


Hi dfort, tell me where I can find your build and I'll test (I need a build cause I lost everything on my PC. Faulty disk :( )


@eNnvi - no need for any special build, the selftest module is included in the unified branch. The 1.1.5 pull request was merged recently so we should all update our Canon firmware in order to work with the latest nightly build.