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Started by nanomad, June 01, 2013, 12:55:41 AM

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Thanks for the quick response. So no raw video shooting with the 700d  :(

Walter Schulz

That's not what the man said!


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So rawvideo  shooting is possible?


Quote from: alancord on March 16, 2016, 10:28:30 PM
So rawvideo  shooting is possible?

The man says, "Yes!"

What Red/Pink Pixel Problem are you referring to? Could you post an image so we know what you are talking about?


My Problem is like this:
I thought i can install  ML on my 700D to make raw videos but when i read that there are pixels which don't belong there so i stay with the original firmware. Or is this pixel problem appearing with a special setting?

Walter Schulz

Then you shouldn't use digital at all. Because there are pixels that don't belong there (= noise) all the time.


Raw video requires special handling no matter what system you use. Magic Lantern is no exception. Those focus pixels actually do belong there, they're part of the focusing system, and there's ways to deal with it.

PA Shutterbug

Since updating to, I have been unable to record video longer than 15 seconds before the camera stops recording.  If I "update" the firmware to the no ML firmware, I still unable to record more than 15 seconds.  If I update the firmware to the  previous ML edition I can record up to 30 minutes both with the ML update and without it.

Installed (Built on: 2016-04-12 20:12:22 -0400).  Problems went away. 


What settings are you using? Raw? H.264? Size? Framerate? Note that when you switch versions the settings are reset so the frame size for raw and MLV video defaults to 1728x972.

So you're saying there is a difference between the (current) 2016Apr01 build and the 2016Mar30 build? That means that the menu_timeout_fix is stopping video recording.

I cannot reproduce the issue. Tested both MLV and H.264. Everything works fine on my 700D with the 2016Apr01 nightly build.


Hi There

I have recently installed ML to my 700D but my install somehow does not have the option of "Bulb/Focus Ramping" under the Shoot menu.

Is there a patch or an additional file required as part of the install?

Any assistance is appreciated.


Quote from: dfort on April 09, 2016, 06:43:54 AMI cannot reproduce the issue. Tested both MLV and H.264. Everything works fine on my 700D with the 2016Apr01 nightly build.

So the April build is safe for most people. That post made me a little leery of updating.


@aajlin - Focus ramping is there - But I think I remember, that the function was changed some time ago; the bulb option would cause problems. . According to the list, no cam has bulb/focus ramping any more.

Walter Schulz mentions the issue here:

@JamesSteele - For convenience and access to the latest features and the most bug-free ML editions always use the latest build. I've updated my ML almost every time a new nightly was available with no problems at all.
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In this context: Gone for good -> "Elvis has left the building" and not "Gone for good -> Open the wine and let's have a party".
And I linked dmilligan's "Intervalometer ramping module" thread, too.


Is 3x movie crop possible with the t5i?

I'm considering upgrading from my t3i and this is the only issue. I routinely use the 3x crop mode on the t3i, even more so than regular mode, and I know the t5i doesn't have it natively. Does ML add that ability, and is it available in H264 or only in RAW?

Walter Schulz


Hello, a little off topic, I own also the 700d, but I can only record 11 seconds of raw video. So im tempting to buy  the 5d mark iii, but 2 weeks ago I found in a gallery  a canon C300 (not mark ii) with lens 24-70mm and monitor, a beautiful beast, it`s used and you can tell is used cause there is  the handle ring a little bit  painted scratched and the 24 mm number in the lens is also  a little erased. The cost is not expensive at all for this camera, 3500USD , i test it and it works like a charm, the 98% of the entire body including lens and monitor and viewfinder looks amazing. I already read some ML threads that say that the team wont  touch any Canon C cameras, but im willing to help  to hack this one if you agree, we can do it remotely via skype so you can guide me  step by step on what is needed. I havent bought that camera, but i think for 3500USD with a complete bundle for the C300, i think is  a very good deal and if we can open this camera , that would be  incredible. Of course the one thing i dont like is that is not full frame so im still keeping my eyes on the 5d mark iii although the only reason I dont buy the 5D yet is because there are  strong rumors about the mark iV coming on september. Back to the reason of my post, please let me know if we can open the C300. Give it a thought , thanks in advance

Walter Schulz

Quote from: wicq on April 17, 2016, 11:50:25 PMI already read some ML threads that say that the team wont  touch any Canon C cameras


Hi walter, i know i said that and it`s true, but in my post im asking if it would be possible  to work together remotely  to try to hack the C300 , i bet if hacked , it could open 4k raw video, it has 2 cf slots and one sd slot . If  the team agreed , i would buy  the C300 that I found here  at 3500USD complete bundled with monitor and lens , it`s a great deal, but if not, I think i will wait for the 5d mark iv , if it offers something nice and also  ML team  can hack  the mark4 for raw video that i imagine canon wont open. So without hacking the C300, I think it doesnt worth to buy it since the 5d mark iii would be a better deal because of ML 14bit raw hd video. I have watched lot of videos with the title "what camera should i buy" and one thing I agreed is that you have to buy a camera to suit your needs. I make cg and with my T5i/700D 11 seconds 14bit raw video, i can track a very extremely shaky video , to add 3d models and/or animation, I cant do  the same with coded video, it just doesnt work. Of course I shouldnt have extremely shaky video but if i can track something like that thanks to raw i think Raw is something very important for what i do. SO the C300 with the term cinema and being so expensive  , i think to me without raw capabilities, it`s useless, but if it had raw , it would be a tremendous camera  like the 5d mark iii is now thanks to ML. Please give it a try, if you agree , i would buy it and we can work togther to see if we can hack  the camera.

Walter Schulz


EDIT: @all-wicq: I just realized "answering" trolls by throwing ASCII fish is a german thing not widely recognized.
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hey, im not a troll i just was offering my help to acomplish something


Hacking/reverse engineering a piece of modern electronics is not something you can just learn how to do on a Skype call. It requires many years of prior knowledge and experience in electronics/software just in general (i.e. equivalent of a bachelor's degree at least). Even more experience in whatever specific platform you are hacking (e.g. embedded ARM microcontrollers), and then thousands of hours minimum (not an exaggeration) dedicated to the task of hacking the particular device (to get to the point of actually doing something useful).

Hacking something, really is just asking the question "how does it work?". It is understanding exactly how some device operates at the deepest most fundamental level. Once you know that, it's easy to make the device do what you want. It's the understanding how it works that's the hard part, since modern electronics are mind numbingly complex, there is no documentation at all whatsoever, and the manufacturer has probably done as much as possible to keep you from figuring out how their device works or slow your progress.

This is really the reason why we hack. We want to learn something. If your desire is simply a cheap 4K camera, hacking is not the answer, it's far too impractical and time consuming. You can save yourself countless time and money by simply purchasing something with the capabilities you desire. I dare say the "cost" (skill required, time invested, etc.) of hacking the C300 would far exceed the price of a Red Epic or whatever, and the risk is much higher (what you want to do might end up being impossible for whatever technical reason).

However, if you have the necessary background, and your desire is really to learn how the thing operates at a fundamental level, I'm sure the more experienced reverse engineers around here would be more than willing to give you some pointers (pun intended) to get you started.


hi dmilligan, thanks for that explanation. I imagine hacking a device  is a work  that only people with studies and experienced can do , i know that my post sounds very simplistic or i made hacking sounds very easy to do . I just thought  that putting a camera at the service of the ML team would be enough, of course it wouldnt be possible to handle the camera  cause  we dont live in the same place, but i thought maybe on skype or other  medium i could be pointed out on what to do  step by step , i dont know maybe extract the API or i dont know, i really have no idea what ML does when hacking a camera, I have zero  knoweledge about it, my intentions were to trying to help with another camera. My desire is not only 4k cause if that was  my desire i would buy  any of the 4k cameras that are already in the market, my desire is raw video.  I understand that no one would give any Canon C camera cause they are expensive, but since I found one very cheap I thought it  would worth the  try. Well i guess i will have to wait for the 5d mark iv to be released, i hope it will be full frame 4k and the great ML team could hack it to have 4k raw, otherwise i will go for the 5d mark iii.


As several posts indicate, there is never any guarantee, that any forthcoming Canon will ever be ML'led. The 5DS/SR are not obvious candidates for any ML version in a foreseeable future, and my community - journalists and press photographers are greatly divided over the new cams from Canon: Lots of excellent pictures with astounding detail - but not enough ISO to do the dirty jobs in the sports arenas or when there has been an accident on the highway in the middle of a winter night. So don't hold your breath...

Last: I think we're quite a bit away from the 700d which is a wonderful machine, especially if it is powered by ML.
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I am getting a "frame skipped, stopping" message after 2 secs during raw video shooting in eos700d. I am using a 45mbps sandisk card. pls advise

Walter Schulz

Modules tab -> Turn ON and restart -> Debug tab -> Benchmarks -> Card Benchmarks -> Quick R/W benchmark (1 min)

This will tell you the actual write performance for the camera-card combination. But no matter which card you are using: Cam's card interface is limited to about 41 MByte/s writing.
Adjust required transfer rate according to benchmark and leave some distance to the edge. Otherwise overhead needed for cam's processor to perform ML tasks will cause hickups.

700D is good for about 720p24 if card is fast enough. And you have to use ExFAT file system on your card. If your card is 32 GB or lower you have to format card using cardreader and redo installation. You are not allowed to to format card in cam then or ExFAT will be turned to FAT32 by Canon's firmware.