[ALREADY DONE] RAW video - mirror lock, liveview power overrides

Started by stevefal, June 02, 2013, 05:18:12 PM

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How about features to help conserve actuations and power drawn by liveview (i.e. backlight) between shots?

Imagining a full day of shooting video, I'd love to be able to lock the mirror whenever the camera is on, but with my control over whether liveview is drawing power. This way I can power down liveview to save power, without feeling like I'm burning actuations unnecessarily.

Basically the suggestion is a RAW video mode where each of 'standby', 'preview' and 'recording' states are power-optimized, and transitioning between them does not involve the mirror.

How aggressive could a 'standby' state be without turning off the camera?
Steve Falcon


Hit info and it turns off the screen. Thats all the power save we have... mirror locks when LV opens.



Sheesh, you guys think of everything. Thanks!

I'm hitting a problem, but it may be 5D3 specific. I set INFO to turn off LV, but when I use it, LV sporadically turns on again by itself. I can't get a reliable repro, but it might have something to do dimming being enabled. I'll report it if I can get it to happen consistently.
Steve Falcon