Advanced ML Auto ISO

Started by pholler, May 11, 2013, 03:54:23 PM

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Hi Guys,

since Canons Auto-ISO has it's limits I am a fan of MLs Auto ISO feature. As i use it regularly I wish it had some some advanced features like:

  • * Changes in min. shutter speed smaller than 1 stop; 1/3 stop would be perfect
  • * Auto shutter speed: set the min. shutter speed to 1/focal length, just like Canon does, but with the possibility of setting +/- 1/3 aperture stop levels. To make myself clear. Setting +1/3 stop on a 100mm lens means that the auto min. shutter speed is set to 1/125s.
  • * Setting the max. ISO in the menu

These features would be highly appreciated.



Is it not possible or did i just confuse you guys with my bad English?