[WONTFIX] Feature for exposure control with high res raw

Started by swinxx, May 29, 2013, 04:44:07 PM

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We all know that when shooting raw and globaldraw is turned on, performance is suffering, but the info from raw histo is great for adjusting exposure (ettr hints )

So wouldnt it be possible to add a feature to turn globaldraw automatically of when starting to record?

That would be a great feature!

What i also noticed is, that anamorphic correction only works when globaldraw is set to pn, so i wonder if this menu shouldnt be moved to the globaldraw menu page,

Thx greets swinxx


1) already done in hacked mode

2) so everything that depends on globaldraw should be in the overlay menu, which is already full?

(anamorphic correction is not really an overlay; it alters the liveview image itself)

3) title is offtopic or I'm drunk?


Doesnt freeze the inage in hacked mode?



Feature off topic..
When i read it a second time its a bit confusing but it is a feature request for the possibility to control (at least with your eyes) the raw histo until you push the rec button;)
Would be nice to auto off only the globaldraw overlays, not the anamorphic if possible. to freeze the shot in hacked mode is a bit uncontrolled, especially when y make a slide or camera move. Thx


Sorry but i do not understand what you mean..

When i shoot in hacked mode and global draw off, i can record 1920x1280 ;) with my komputerbay 64gb cf card.

When i turn hacked mode off, 1920x1152,

when gd off 1920x1080..

Globaldraw is not a must in recording situatuions so i thought why dont turn it off for more mb/s

1920x1280 is really nice with my isco x1.5 ;)



Some people use globaldraw, and it doesn't make a big difference. You also have display presets ;)