Another for 5D2 - bypass 4GB, selecting, deleting, playing

Started by pravdomil, May 24, 2013, 10:16:25 PM

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Merged to a_d_'s builds


+ selecting, deleting, playing
+ movie files are separated into 3.7GB chunks -> unlimited recording
+ raw rec is enabled by default
+ global redraw and auto wb is turned off while recording (hacked mode)
+ advanced cropmarks, that cover all outside recording rect
+ start recording by pressing joy center not LV

- playback frame skipping

Know bugs
- you have to restart your camera to refresh Canon's used bar in format menu
- before playback you have to set correct dimensions of video

What is not tested
- zoom mode
- sound rec
- panning mode

4GB+ on Win
copy /B file1+file2 destfile
copy /B M0000000.RAW+M0000000.RAW002+M0000000.RAW003... OUT.RAW

4GB+ in Totalcmd
rename M0000000.RAW to M0000000.RAW001
then use totalcmd's built-in feature "join files" under file menu

4GB+ on Mac
cat file1 file2 > destfile
cat M0000000.RAW M0000000.RAW002 M0000000.RAW003... > OUT.RAW

Not having 5D2?
Well, there is no big difference between original and this module.
You can try it - no warranty!
But there is hardcored 3.7GB limit.

a.d.'s ML

Download the newest raw2dng, that can process big files

Error: This ain't a lv_rec RAW file
Is mostly cause by older version of raw2dng


Thanks to all ML people!
No warranty!

Please help me implement 4GB+ support to raw2dng


I see all the buffer stars you got and I'm jealous :)

Everyone with cards worth their salt on the SD side is using xfat so cutting files is not needed and raw2dng now opens any size file.

But turning off global draw on record in hacked mode is something I'm down with. Do you know if AEWB disable affects AF button?

*I see that aewb + gd already being disabled in hacked mode according to latest.



I got with Lexar 1000x 64GB ~64MB/s.
AF button works normally with AEWB disable.


The deleting i'll def merge... I can't just format the card to delete 1 file.


WOW! The best RAW mudule I've ever tried!!!
Really great job!!!


Pulled the crop marks from this with an on/off option. It looks cool when run with LV hacking.

Maybe add another oft requested feature.. total seconds recorded.


Pravdomil, this is fantastic work.  Fastest build yet for the 5D2, by a significant margin.  And file spanning to boot.

I just did 2000 frames at 1720x960, write speeds of 64-65MB/sec on a Lexar 32GB 1000x.  That's beyond the 4GB limit.  As of yesterday I was seeing 59-60MB/sec.  Again, bravo.

Couple questions:

1.  Does this incorporate the speed enhancements from today's (the 24th) build?  Because as of a few minutes ago, that was also the fastest build yet.  63-64MB/sec on my card.  If you haven't incorporated this yet, are we likely to see even further speed improvements when you do?

2.  I'm on Mac, so I can't use totalcmd.  I just tried cat (cat raw1 raw2 > raw3) and sed (sed '' raw1 raw2 > raw3), but this didn't work.  Raw2dng said "this ain't no lv_rec".  These two methods will typically both work on binary files.  How do the spanned clips need to be joined?

Regardless it is clear that whatever optimizations are present here should certainly be merged into the standard tree.  This has the potential to make previously marginal resolutions reliably usable, and that's big.


Edit:  65-66MB/sec on my Komputerbay 1000x.  Hot.

Yoshiyuki Blade

Very nice indeed! 1880x800 lasted almost 2200 frames and 5.37 GB on my Sandisk 16GB 600x card (averaged above 58 MB/s which is a little better than it was before). I haven't checked out the frames yet though. Great job and thanks!

Just recorded a 14.8 GB clip at (almost) the usual stable resolution, which maxed out the card. Gonna see how continuous recording looks, though it'll take a while lol.


5mkII User


Just did a quick test with your module and build bff47c520033

Worked pretty well, I like the new crop marks

Playback wasnt working for me , it starting to kind of strobe on top of live view and when i tried to shut it off it went away but left me stuck in live view ... had to pull the battery

also no more hacked mode? was just curious if its always on now, or if the feature was just removed

thanks again for taking the time to perfect this
5mkII User


Great build. I love the 4gb limit fix. I stopped manually after 4000 frames @ 1880x800 @24fps
1880x940 (1:2) I could record 417 frames.

komputerbay 64gb 1000x (algined at 4096)



Wow, really great work. Exactly the direction that I was looking for. Fastest build yet with a.d.'s May 24th firmware- 781 frames @ 1880x940 32gb Komputerbay 1000x. First time I used it it didn't disable crop marks and zebras on global draw, but now it seems to be working fine. Not sure if I like the joystick as raw trigger, but I guess I'll get used to it.

Not sure which part this is covered under, but it'd be nice to have a more accurate readout of space left on the card. Each time I run out of space it's a surprise- it seems as though both the Format in the Canon menu and the ML readout in the top right do not actively update and lag behind.


if you half press the shutter release button it should tell you the details. Not sure if it will work in this mode though.


The overlays fight with ML infos :(

I have GD:ON and then it turns off automatically when I start writing.


Ok, going to add the deleting stuff... on 600D the cropmarks caused a performance hit :( on 6D just fought with the overlays.


Hey Guys,

Is this working on yesterday's build only?  I tried it on today's and can't record pass 4gb or delete clips.

thanks so much!


I added deleting... files get "deleted", file name left but file is 0KB. The playback is working great tho.

*Ok fixed...

what was the point of that loop and creating a dummy file? There are no file chunks. or is that for 3.7gb?


Quote from: 1% on May 25, 2013, 07:58:06 PM
I added deleting... files get "deleted", file name left but file is 0KB. The playback is working great tho.

*Ok fixed...

what was the point of that loop and creating a dummy file? There are no file chunks. or is that for 3.7gb?

Sorry for the stupid question, but I am kind of lost here.  These changes where do they go? the next nightly build?  are these new features talked about in this thread included in the next build? or do we have to put them manually?

thanks so much guys, exciting times here at ML



can you try to stick to this naming scheme?
-> M0000000.RAW, M0000000.R00, M0000000.R01, M0000000.R02, etc

then it would match 8.3 and the previous lv_rec scheme.
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yes, I will do it tomorrow evening.
Could you merge it to official trunk?