Author Topic: that new RAW DNG Silent Picture feature in Intervalometer mode? (not video mode)  (Read 3673 times)


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I have both a T2i and T3i

I know the recent raw DNG capture ability has been clouded by the new fact that it's all about the raw video now but I was curious...

Can I run an intervalometer mode that'll capture raw DNG silent photo stills without actuating the shutter? 

If so, can anyone point me to the build that supports this for either T2i/T3i, I'll love you forever! I'm shooting a mural being painted this weekend and I'd love to be able to snag enough shots to do a full timelapse without killing my shutter, this raw dng silent photo seems like it would be the life saver!


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Its supposed to. It replaces 422 silent pics.


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you're right, I was experimenting a while longer, I'm able to pull it off, love this

Anyone know if firing flash during this silent picture mode would be possible in theory? I just gave it a test and it doesn't right now


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Please, could anyone help me with this question? I am totally eager for knowing whether the silent mode will trigger flashes at the PC-Sync port? I´d be very happy if this was possible, since I am looking for such a thing for more than 6 months...

I don´t have any gear here, so if anyone could ease my pain by testing this, I´d appreciate this very much!

Thanks a lot!



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How to open and convert Silent Pics DNG's??? I can't open it nor with lightroom now with ACR plugin!
It give me: "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document".


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Hi guys, I'm not able to found a tool to convert DNG files from ML to a readable format.
On google I'm able to find only tips about converting RAWvideo two DNG.
I tried RAW2dng but don't worked, as I expected it's for movie RAW file.


Thanks in advance!  ;)

Update: I've been able to open it with RAWTherapee and with UFRaw ;) B-|
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