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White blinking pixel on 700D
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:06:15 AM »
Hello everyone, recently i've started to record raw videos on my 700d.

(Magic Lantern Nightly.2017Dec07.700D115 (97b73e7a781e (unified) tip)
# Built on 2017-12-06 23:32:30 UTC by jenkins@nightly).

I prepared everything, optimum settings for record speed, everything for post, etc. I am using only mlv_rec module, res. 1504x640, aspect ratio 2:35:1, without shutter fine tuning and without fps override. In post i am using MLV RAW video converter 1.9.1, chroma smoothing 2x2, sometimes 3x3 for darker sceneries, then brings dng's into After Effects, corrects fps (23,973), scaling to 2K for reducing alliasing, then renders it AVI uncompressed. After that i play with footage in premiere pro. Practically copying this guys settings and post: .

So the problem is that i have noticed white blinking pixel on the right middle-bottom, here is my RAW video with different ISO's with lens cap, and example footage:
I've tested if i would have bad, hot pixels on sensor, by taking 30s, 3200ISO lens cap photos, one is RAW to JPEG, second in JPG straight from camera:
Image1 RAW to JPG:
Image2 JPG from camera:
I also recorded video with lens cap in 3200 ISO without ML, just regular one with canonish codec: White thingy pixel only appears in RAW video. I was trying the manual sensor cleaning thing without effect. Any ideas how to deal with that? Is that ML issue or my camera? Thank you in advance.