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Started by orlov, April 14, 2013, 01:51:03 PM

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Although I'm having a few problems getting the screen to dim and turn off on my 50D ( see Q&A post ), I can still use ML. It's been set up outside, this morning for 4 hours without any overheating and I'm impressed with it!
Here's one of the shots using TRIGGER BY FRAME DIFF and TRIGGER LEVEL 8.



Silver Wolf

Beautiful picture!   :)


That is really amazing, and it just goes to show you how much you can do with ML. ;D


Great photo - I do not yet have ML but it would be pictures like this that would encourage me to get it on my 5D Mkii - so, do I understand correctly that you simply prefocused on the twig, set the camera to detect "difference" (I see the settings you used) and it just banged off photos every time there was sufficient difference? You can see I am VERY new to ML...


Wooow, that's amazing! superb shot!