T3i/600D with 667GL Lilliput - Focus Peak

Started by shefcyc, April 11, 2013, 12:54:16 AM

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I've been using ML on my T3i for over a year now and very happy with it. The other day I bought a Lilliput 667gl external monitor which connects to my camera via HDMI.

The problem I'm having is that when turning on Focus Peak on, all I get is random red lines across the screen. This happens via HDMI on the Liliput only. If I unplug the monitor, the Focus Peak is displayed correctly on the camera screen.

Also the problem seems to appear only when I am in Movie mode on the camera. if I switch to Photo mode as you can see in the video, Focus Peak is displayed correctly both on the camera screen and the Lilliput.

Many thanks!

Gold House Media

I have the same problem with my external monitor. Focus peaking works fine in live view mode on the camera LCD, but displays incorrectly on the external. It appears that all the lines are compressed to the top third of the screen.



I have a solution for this. If you go in the menu, choose focus peak then choose the 'q' button on the camera it gives you refined settings for focus peaking. Change the filter bias setting to balanced and see if its fine.