MFA 60D/600D One more time - resources needed

Started by qba667, June 28, 2017, 08:21:56 PM

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First of all I would like to say thanks for all work you all made.
I have some experience in disassembling -  I have patched some RC toys before, nothing special to be proud of but it was good starting point and gives some nice functionality of more expensive units to end users. This time I would like to try with more complex system:)
I would like to as if it is possible to get some more resources related to reverse engineering of the FW, especially porting MFA from 50D.
I know that most of resources are not public but it would be nice to get IDA databases and FW binaries for canon 50D and 60D.
At the moment I own 60D and 600D.
Can I get somewhere also logs from communication between DIGIC and MPU?
If I understood the problem correctly original properties can not be used because they can not be changed and are not handled by PropMgr.
How about storing lens adjustment as part of ML config. And sending correct value to MPU? Is the handling of MFA implemented in TX19A?
Because I can imagine that lack of implementation in DIGIC can also mean lack of implementation in TX19A.
Is anyone aware what are other usages of property 0x80010006 in 50D?
The dump of TX19A FW will be also appreciated.


Some pointers:

- For MPU communication logs and memory dump:

- "Is the handling of MFA implemented in TX19A?" -> I believe so, as AF happens outside the main CPU. However, my understanding of TX19A code is extremely limited (though I did have an unsuccessful attempt at emulating it). Are you somewhat familiar with this architecture?

- My IDA database won't help on this topic (on 50D, I just look up strings if I ever need to find some stub). I don't have a 50D MPU dump either.

- "How about storing lens adjustment as part of ML config?" -> storing is simple; what do you do with this value?