Author Topic: [IMPOSSIBLE] Stop Photo Mode HDMI resolution from changing during image review.  (Read 1453 times)


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Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted on here.

My feature request is similar to the force vga mode for video, but for LV photo mode over HDMI.

I am trying to set up a simple photo booth with an IR shutter release and a DVI monitor connected to the HDMI output.
The problem I am having is that after a photo is taken the camera changes resolution when it reviews the picture (and when switching back to LV).  My monitor (and my TV) take so long to adapt to the new resolution that I have to the review time to 8s to be able to see the picture that was just taken.

Would it be possible to not switch HDMI resolution during the image review (i.e. keep it at whatever LV uses over HDMI)?

(also worth mentioning might be the possibility of a full featured photo booth mode that supports printing tiled images without the need for a PC, on-screen count down graphics etc...)

P.S. My camera is a 550D.

Morgan L