Two Cropmarks based on One Point Perspective (krubrik's composition)

Started by DorGreen, September 08, 2012, 04:41:56 PM

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Hi all!
This is my humble way of helping.
I think some of you may heard of Krubrik (the guy behind 2001: A Space Odyssey and Clockwork Orange, among others).
Krubrik's got a way to compose an image - it's called One Point Perspective.

(Here is a collection of shots from his films, shot using this method watch it, it's super-awesome)

so I've made two custom cropmarks just for that - one with meters on the cross and one without.
both free to use, change, share and what ever as long as you share alike :)


Hey thanks, that's interesting.

I remember having 1 point or 2 point perspective from tech drawing class, before watching the video I was wondering how this was possible to acheive with footage.

However it makes sense to me now, something interesting to keep in mind.

Thanks for sharing this.


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It looks like the DropBox link is dead. Would you mind re-uploading these? I'd like to try them.





Try sending him a pm about it, if he doesn't log on here anymore he might get an email
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Why not just making your own? It's an 8bit BMP 720x480, white = transparent, which you put in /ML/cropmks


  • Hello I share my first cropmarks based on this project.

  • Hola os comparto mis primeras cropmarks basadas en este proyecto.
+ Info in

Download Normal Cropmarks
Download Wide Cropmarks

UPDATE LINKS December 2017

Ejemplos / Examples


Nice, thanks Loopneo. This is exactly what I was looking for now!
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You can start with one shape and squish it into two; or start with two shapes and merge the uvs into one. However you want to do it.


People using Tiled might like to have that too, not sure if there are forums for it?