EOS M repeated ERR 70

Started by parik, November 11, 2021, 11:26:07 AM

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Installed ML(Danne's June21 build) on recently acquired EOSM. Error 70 keeps popping up intermittently on video mode being switched to or when crop modes are changed. Also crashes when half shutter is pressed to go back to shooting mode from magic lantern settings and previewing recorded clips. At best I could shoot five- six clips in HD1080p before it showed up as soon as video shooting was stopped. Im using a fresh sandisk extreme pro UHSI 128GB for this camera. Lens in use is the kit 18-55 IS, in manual focus mode.  Have tried formatting the card(in camera, then computer, then again camera), fresh install, rolling back to an earlier build (the original crop rec build) but the problem persists I have used ML before on 550D for a decent amount of time but never encountered a crash, so I am not familiar with debugging procedures. I do have plenty of logs from these crashes. Please help me make sense of this. Im afraid of bricking it.