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New functions willing to see in next verson. About Focus Peak
« on: January 03, 2013, 06:45:19 PM »
Focus Peak is the most attractive function for me since I never use camera to shoot video and really use LiveView mode for battery sake. But I have to say that Focus Peak is awesome when I use old manual lens. Especially today's DSLR often has no split image focusing screen to use.

So I would pretty much like to see a powerful Focusing Peak fucntion.

some suggestions to make:
1. enabling the Focus Peak on ZoomIn mode.
the current version provides a colorized peak border on standard LiveView mode but automatically disabled when use ZoomIn 5x and 10x, althrough it may be rediculous to have the highlighted dorder undermagnified view, simply because we could see clearer with zoomed in picture, but with the highlighe, it anyway provides  a hint as reference and may speed up manual focusing under extreme circumstances such as jolting hence cannot see clearly with nakedeye.

2. extra illustration of color coding for Focus Peak in UserGuide
In the menu of Focus Peak, 8 alternatives of color is given(R, G, B,C,M,Y,Local, Global). But it is not clearly stated the meaning of each choices. It is pretty straightforward that the 6 colors means using the chosen color to highligh. While the local and global is not as clear as others. By some test could I tell that redish refers to higher quality of Peak(Higher contrast) and bluesh is the threshold of being considered as in focus. But I could hardly tell the difference between local and global mode. So could you complie a better User Guide illustrating this?

3. More customizable choices on the algorithm of  identifying high spatial frequence.
Here, I don't exactily mean the algorithm but I do know that micro-contrast differs in different channels(such as a border between #000000 and #ff7f00. In red channel, it is of the highest contrast, middle in green and none in blue channel). so whether it is possible to provide a option leting user to decide the channel(or the combination of some) in seeking the highest contrast part.

4. change the name of the name of your two algorithms
In order to simplify the difference of two algorithms of D1xy and D2xy, it is better if you could just simply change the name into low-lumination and standard, to pin point the major difference of the purpose of this two algorithms.

Thanks for your consideration

David Li