Author Topic: Hey Everybody. Critical information - v2.3 Stable ML usage  (Read 2703 times)


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Hey Everybody. Critical information - v2.3 Stable ML usage
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:45:23 AM »
There are 3 posts that anyone who uses ML should read. They were posted in late summer 2012 by bart and I think they give excellent instruction on some key features.

You can view them from the Home page and there are links to each there. Also they can be seen in the forum Article Discussions.

There are articles for vectorscope, fast op with shortcuts, new fast zebras. You can and should be using these features whether shooting video or photo or at least know they are there and know how to use them. If you have already read them, go read them again.             




For those of you out there that have installed but not yet read any of the documentation. READ IT and you will be much happier, much sooner with your decision to use ML on your expensive Canon camera. The manuals are included and can be read on your LV screen. No computer needed, but reading glasses may be required for old people like me. Also ML provides on-screen LV feedback to the user, such as comments and color changes to guide you when you get confused. (We have all been there.)
Happy Shooting!

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