[WONTFIX] add custom lens profile to camera for chrom/dist fixing

Started by rozzo, December 02, 2012, 09:52:48 PM

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I've got some not canon lenses, really good ones, but my t4i/eos 650d camera  ( and previous models of that family) won't allow me to correct in camera distortion peripheral illumination and chromatic aberrations for them.

It would be great to be able to add in our cameras some custom lenses profiles (or just converted official profiles already available from lens  producers,) to the internal camera database of lenses available to the functions of peripheral illumination and chromatic aberration correction for jpg images.

it would be great at least  to be able  to edit the image just before saving it in jpg, and allow the user to manually tune lens peripheral illumination or at least chromatic aberrations ( magenta/cyan fringes on high contrasted details).

I know I can fix it with photoshop on post production, but it would be great anyway to do it anyway on camera ( like we are used with canon branded lenses).

thanks in advance.


First, ML is not intended to replace Photoshop.

Second, it's technically impossible (let's say ~10x harder than figuring out the 7D).


I'm lucky!
I know ML team is used to make impossible things...  ;D

I quote:
Quote"Yes, that's true. Our young team member g3gg0 did the impossible, and solved the 7D puzzle within days of receiving the camera from Trammell Hudson (on September 12)."

Porting to 7D is a great thing, but who benefits from it? mainly 7d users.
if you understand how lens profiles are added to canon cameras any canon camera user will enjoy better jpgs without the hassle of being forced to postproduce each and every picture taken with non canon cheap-but-great-  lenses.

anyone else interested in this feature?  ;D


Quote from: rozzo on December 04, 2012, 08:04:36 PM
Porting to 7D is a great thing, but who benefits from it? mainly 7d users.

That's technically not true, it helps us understand how dual-digic cameras work. Who knows, maybe the next 7D will be a dual digic5.
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You are right! I know that understanding 7D insights will be useful for any future camera porting.
Yet I'd like to underline that comprehension of lens profiles format and implementation would benefit new and old cameras users, eventually giving new life to old "glasses".

would you spend some time on it if I (and eventually other users) make a little donation? ;-)

I don't ask you to create new lens profiles.. but just guess how to load custom ones into the camera.
I think it would be considered a reverse engineering under "fair use".
Lens profiles would then be soon published by lens makers, or converted from adobe ones by adobe users for their own use.
Adobe has a great community of users sharing their lens profiles, home made.
ML could already benefit from those volunteers efforts.


I can see your point now...do you have a link to some lens profiles available for download that work on the 650D?
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The only lens profiles I know of to download are integrated in post such as ACR's and LR's lens correction profiles. Canon lenses are detected by default to be used for peripheral illumination correction but I think that is the only in camera lens correction possible. This is opposed to the field curvature, vignetting, chromatic aberration, etc that is corrected in those Adobe profiles.


Francis, my Eos650D has a "chromatic aberration enable/disable" menu item  plus a "peripheral illumination enable/disable" item.
While my Eos550D has only a"peripheral illumination enable/disable" menu item.

Lens profiles in canon cameras are limited in number, and can be updated or switched via Canon Eos Utility software, where you can connect to your camera and choose the lenses you're gonna use, among a wide but limited list of canon only lenses.

I think canon embeds lens profiles inside "eos utility" software, or inside some of its resource files.
May be those profiles are inside ResCW.dll, inside eos utility folder.

As for adobe custom lens profiles creation here's something:



Real World Camera Raw: the Lens Corrections Panel:

here's a link to the adobe lens profile downloader, sadly it's an adobe air application... so you must had adobe air installed to use it.

here's a page with a tutorial to upload original canon lens profiles into your camera:

The forum about lens profiles creation:

here's a list of compatible lenses and cameras:

if you have camera RAW, you can read actual adobe camera profiles here, searching in your computer for lcp files, as "Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III (Sigma DG 8mm f3.5 EX).lcp".
it's an xml file with lens details, in adobe format.
you could find it in a path similar to:

Interestingly, in adobe lens profiles each profile is bound to a camera model.

I would like to be more helpful. sorry!


Great list of resources. I think that the reason that lens profiles from Adobe are model-specific is the resolution. I spoke with a adobe forum member who made a profile for one of my lenses using a 500D, as opposed to the 550D I was using with that lens. I still used the 500D profile but the difference in resolution skews some of the corrections. I would imagine that field curvature is particularly susceptible.