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EOS M ** Alpha 1 ** [FIXED][DOWNLOAD]

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The EOS M port starts now! g3gg0 successfully dumped the firmware and set the bootflag, so we're all set to begin porting :)

--> More updates coming soon

Update 11/25/2012:


Update 12/10/2012:
Alpha1 release! Let me know what bugs you notice. Almost everything that is going to work on the M is enabled now, minus audio stuff (need more work on that). Some features won't ever work though. ie: Trap Focus - because the M doesn't send focus confirmation when in manual focus.

Update 12/10/2012 #2:
- Fixed installer (thanks Alex), no more unsafe operations (ie: try to set bootflag while in live view).

Install Procedure
Refer to Unified install page:

Warning: I'm not responsible for anything that might happen. This is an EXPERIMENTAL build. Please report bugs in this thread.
Download Alpha 1: Here

let the games begin ;)

Coutts & g3gg0, Congratulations ...

I never doubted that thou wert get ... You are one of my heroes :)

The party will start and I do not want to be outside ... here we go ...


My first contribution :)

BL address start at 0xFFFF0000

ROM address start 0xFF800000

ROM entry point at 0xF80C0000

Hooray! \o/


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