Combine exposure menu with audio menu feature

Started by Johng, October 10, 2012, 10:36:16 PM

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Hi all,
Loving ML on my Canon 60D. It is really awesome! Keep up the good work.

These are the features I use every day...

White balance
Shutter Speed
Aperture amount
Overall Audio gain
Left and right audio gain control

I don't know what the following feature is called so I will describe it...
Take for example the Exposure menu.
If you select a setting such as shutter speed and then hit the set button this is displayed on screen with a blue background and white letters. where I can make quick adjustments or rotate to a different setting in a particular menu. This is great so far. 
What I would like to see is a way maybe in a preference menu or something else where I could combine or add just the functions as described above to one menu that I can rotate around and quickly access my most used settings. Right now if I want to adjust the audio gain I have to go all the way back to the audio menu hit set make adjustments then go back to the expo menu to adjust the exposure setting taking way to much time. I know that I can access the volume controls by pressing one of the other keys but this is just not very convenient. For one I still have to go between functions which is hard and combersome. If I could just rotate a dial around through one menu list for all needs necessary functions described above this would be awesome. :-) and using the onscreen rotating menus as already done is very easy to use I love this function. Except as stated earlier that I can't access the audio function menu in the same menu list as the Expo menu. This is a much need feature and I believe this would solve the quick audio adjustment problem that everyone is asking for. Also I would prefer the reverse of what is implemented now which is having the top smaller dial on my Canon 60D control the menu section and the bigger dial control the adjustment of the selected item such as ISO setting.  Let me know if you need anymore information to clarify what I am talking about. In conclusion, I really feel this would make things quick and easy to use. Also there are some functions in the for mentioned menus that I really don't use but I have to scroll through these anyway.

Thanks in advance for considering my request,

John Gerard
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You want a ML equivalent for the Canon "My Menu".
There's not a lot of room in the ML menu right now, I don't see where it could fit. Not that it is impossible, there's always a way...

You can hide ML menu items that you don't use by pressing the MENU button when you're in the ML menu.

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