[IMPOSSIBLE] HDR Bracketting Sequence

Started by compupix, November 10, 2012, 03:26:53 PM

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I'd like to see an option for an HDR bracketing sequence that starts at extreme under-exposed and steps gradually towards over-exposed. I would display this option as
--- ... 0 ... +++
With this option, the user would just manually make sure s/he has a nominal exposure set. Then fire. The firmware would figure out how far "left" to start exposing.

(If it matters, I'm using the EOS 5Dc Beta 4.)



Impossible, first picture has to be at 0 EV.


Canon's standard firmware allows the HDR sequence to be shot less light to more light.


Well, we are not Canon, aren't we? ::)
The current HDR implementation takes a pic, meters the exposure and then goes on with its job
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