[ALREADY DONE] Turn off liveview when intervalometer on

Started by spacef2012, November 11, 2012, 09:10:31 AM

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This is a needed feature especially for night/star timelapse photography.

When the LCD is hot, and this comes quickly when shotting 30 seconds intervals, it create random little white dots that blink when played in a timelapse.
It is a kind of noise. It is not actual blinking stars, and does not look like stars: it is a "bug" of digital camera, and well-known in night/star photo (look in books or blogs about star shooting technics and problems that arise with digital sensors and that become more apparent in timelpases). And turning liveview off manually once intervalometer starts will not work (at least, not on canon 60D).

The solution is simple -->>  allow liveview to be turned off when intervalometer begins, and until the intervalometer stops.
This could be an additional option in the intervalometer settings (LV off: on/off).

This will not solve all problems, but will solve many problems when shooting star timelapses.

Thanks for listening.



Reading again: why not just press the LiveView button?!


Hi A1ex,

Pressing the liveview button doesn't work here.. you bet I tried :-)
The cause of it not working could be not enough time between two intervals when I tried (4 to 5 seconds intervals, with 1 to 2 seconds shutter release + 2 seconds of pic preview = not enough time left to let the "button" instruction pass through?).
Sure it was not a "milky way star shooting" situation where I would go around 24 / 30 seconds.

I have not tested this extensively to determine wether it works on longer intervals.


Obviously, LiveView button doesn't work *while* taking the picture (press it when it's idle, or before starting the intervalometer).


That would be right when there is time to turn liveview off between two pics, which is not always the case.
I think the "powersaving" trick that you gave is better, because it should fit any scenario (i still have to try it but it sounds better because you don't have to have super powers of precision to switch LV off when there is , say, 1 second of idleness between two shots, or less than 1 second). Even with long exposure, one might not want to leave more than 1 second between two shots. That's why I think powersaving should be the best option. you don't have to think about it.
Moreover, you don't need to touch the camera with powersaving, so there is no risk of blurry picture due to a moving camera, which would kill a whole timelapse :-)  (or at least the first shots)