What camera are you running ML on?

Started by nanomad, November 02, 2012, 05:55:01 PM

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I own a 600D with ML running on  it.
Have recently done a shoot for 4 weeks alongside a 550D, a 5DMk II and Mk III

The footage was sent to a London post house for editing and they wanted to know how I got the looks and feels on the footage.

They were amazed at the comparisons to the 5D footage and actually rated the 600D ML footage higher quality to look at.

Have a 2 week shoot next week... can't wait

ML is the bomb guys...

D ;D


Having a MkII since it came out, very happy with it. I have the 5D 1 as well, but would prefer a 6D as a back-up/second camera. Unfortunetaly it isn't weather sealed. Totally incomprehensible for a camera directed towards landscape and travel.
5D III wouldn't add much quality, and I don't need the speed/focus. Slight chance I might do something crazy and buy a 1dx, but I think I'm going to wait out what the future might bring. Canon needs a big step forward again, they are running behind on Nikon (less functionality and specs for a higher price tag).


I've got two 550Ds. I'm surprised to see that those have the majority of ML builds running. Though, I can understand why =D


3x 60Ds for my little production studio! All running ML.


Hi, I'm using a 5D II at the moment. It perfectly suits most of my needs when used with ML   8)
BUT sometimes I would like to have the (much) better video mode of the Mark III. I have heard of nearly no rolling shutter, better aliasing and codec. Do you have any real results and experience? Is it really worth to buy it as a second body?



I currently use a 7D and 600D.

My 600D currently runs ML. Waiting for the release version of ML for my 7D. =)



I own a 5D2 with ML running on  it.
Also I use a 7D and 40D.

Planning to buy the 6D and 5d3.


5 DMKII. Great job guys, my only wish is to have proper Auto ISO in M mode. Happy camper nevertheless


Personally besides the 60D (ML) also have a 600D. At work 5DMk2 (Used to be two Mk2 and a 7D - Mk2 stolen in Beijing and 7D in Paris, both at exhibitions)-:)



i had 550d,
now 600d  two cameras

1 underwater used... ;) it's fantastic!

Thanks !



550D T2i 550D T2i 550D T2i all the way! never 600D!


Just picked up a 5D mkIII and looking forward to trying it on there, but have been using in T3i for the past 10 months or so - my eyes and I thank you so much for the focus assist/peaking!!


Have: 50D

Want to buy: 5D Mk 3

Dreaming about: 1D X


I don't know why there are replies here since folks already submitted their votes; but since I see 5Dmk iii under represented in the comments (but not the poll) I want to come in an say that 5D MK III and EOS M are my vote. ESO M, provided it has a reasonable image, would be an excellent option to hack. It would be excellent for most kind of photography video. Other cameras like the NEX-5 and NEX-7 have proven so on the Sony side. If we can increase the MB/s on that camera it would be a very useful video tool on the road due to its size. That's my two cents! :)


550D. I'll trade up for a 600D if the Magic Lantern I-frame hacks are reliable.
Zeiss primes, 600D, a lot of shadow. http://www.jgharding.com


I have a 60d (that I enjoy much!) but I'm planning to upgrade to a full frame, I' m interested in the new 6d, but I 'm waiting for a full review and more samples before take a decision!
Hi all!
canon 70D


5D mkII (2)
thinking about mkIII
great job!
grtz from belgium,


Nice results. The big surprises (from my point of view):

- I've expected that 550D and 600D to be the most popular cameras, but at equality (more or less). 550D is still the king.

- I've expected a lot fewer 5D3 users, compared to 5D2. That means, Canon did things right with 5D3 and this camera is going to stick around for a while.

- 500D is weak on video, but for photography I find it pretty similar to 550D. So, photo ML users are still a minority?


Quote from: a1ex on November 04, 2012, 08:22:59 PM
- I've expected a lot fewer 5D3 users, compared to 5D2. That means, Canon did things right with 5D3 and this camera is going to stick around for a while.

Maybe a few people like me voted for the 5D3 because they plan to buy one. So the totally amount of 5D3 ML users could be lower.