Reinstall ML every time I turn on camera?

Started by marksasahara, October 15, 2012, 01:32:43 AM

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I am new to Magic Lantern.

I just installed ML on my Canon 7D. The displays and info came up on the screen, life was good. I shot some video and I love the spot luma meter, waveform, lens and distance info. I shut the camera off, leaving the card in. But, when I turned the camera back on, ML did not show up in the display. Do I need to reinstall the firmware/ML every time I turn the camera on?

When the CF card is full, I usually shut the camera off, before removing the card.

I installed the ML folder and the Canon FIR file into the root directory on the card. I formatted the card before installing ML, making sure that there was nothing else on the card. is it possible that the ML file is corrupt, i.e. missing data/bad copy?

I reformatted the card in the camera and ML does not show up. Do I need to reinstall the firmware and ML every time I reformat? The ML folder is still on the card. This was after shutting down the camera and re-starting it.

My questions are as follows:

1) Do I need to reinstall the latest firmware with the ML files every time I turn the camera on?

2) If I have images/video on the card and I re-insert the card, will I need to re-install the firmware every time I start the camera? will this corrupt the image files?

3) Do I need to install ML on every card and install the firmware, every time I change cards?




From 7D alpha release thread:
QuoteWhat is still missing?
We can run Magic Lantern from autoexec.bin, but we still can not reliably enable the bootflag to execute it. This means, virgin cameras will only be able to run the .FIR version of ML for now. We know ways to enable the bootflag, but they would involve copyright issues. And that's something we want to avoid.
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I also have the same problem. Hope to someone can explain how to fix this.



Quote from: Jimoya on October 16, 2012, 03:43:12 AM
I also have the same problem. Hope to someone can explain how to fix this.


Fix what?
Did you read the instructions? ;)