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Started by a1ex, October 11, 2012, 01:55:31 PM

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I've successfully installed Magic Lantern V 2.3 on my T3i but there is no option to Record in Raw Mode. What am I missing?

Walter Schulz

If you installed old "stable" version: Not there.
You have to install a nightly build. Just delete ML dir, autoexec.bin and all FIR files from card and copy extracted nightly build contents to card.
If you're running nightly build: Modules tab.


Sorry for my English!
The latest firmware is not displayed "Green\Magenta". How to enable it?



Is it possible to get 2k 2048 and higher recording for the 50D in a future release?


Good news 2K announced and releasing soon for all 15 year old cameras!

Read more here...
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Bad news: nevermind I dont want to be banned


I'm curious about the apparently stalled status of ML for the 600D. The most recent build available is, but I see that other cameras have much more recent builds. I also see that there is no thread for the 600D on the Camera-specific discussion portion of this forum, and that states that the project is disabled.

Is the 600D no longer supported? Or do more recent ML builds include code that does not apply to the 600D and therefore there are no new builds for it? Or (most likely) do I simply not understand how the ML build process and availability works?


No maintainer -> no build -> no thread ?


600D works just fine with what there is no need for anything else.


Completely new and just about completely lost. 

Why would I find the latest stable build and latest nightly file for 600D please?

And then what do i do?


Walter Schulz

The latest stable build is some years old now and no longer supported.
Top of page -> Downloads -> Download nightly builds -> 600D.111
You will find those informations in first post of this thread. It's always a good idea to read the first post in sticky threads.


I install the last nightly in canon 600D (april 2015) and i dont have a raw vidoe option and I dont understand this nightly, in 2014 I understand all of things

Walter Schulz

Modules tab. You have to load modules for some of ML's recent features to work.
Download page -> Download nightly builds -> Features


Install raw module and when i load modules the screen sais "error memory full". With nightly builds of 2014 i can load modules...

Walter Schulz

Delete ML directory and Autoexec.bin. Copy extracted nightly build contents to card and retry. If problem persists:
Snapshot your modules tab screen, please and link it here.


Alright folks, finally got some time to merge these updates:
- 6D.116 (Maqs)
- 700D.114 (mk11174)
- new installers

Next in the queue: Lua scripting (dmilligan)


Walter Schulz

Which problems do you have with the latest available build?



Do I have to re-install the latest nightly build over the previous one or not ?

Walter Schulz

Delete ML directory and Autoexec.bin and copy extracted nightly build contents to card.


Last build up to date 2 "error message" each 10 shots in MLV RAW.
Same message when card is full while recording.

With restart Off-On everything was fine.

If you want some log tell me.

Lars Steenhoff

No more new nightly builds for firmware 1.2.3?

I'm using an Atoms ninja blade and I'm wondering whats new in the firmware but don't really want to downgrade and lose HDMI out.