Olympus OM lenses on Canon 550D/Rebel T2i.

Started by pixelrev, August 11, 2012, 04:27:24 AM

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Thanks to suggestions we had from the friendly folk here, we decided to experiment with a different kind of retro lens to our FD set and went for the the Olympus OM lenses. Doing a bit of research we found that these got pretty good reviews, feedback and scores on various comparison charts, so we thought we'd get some and try them out for ourselves.

Above is a test photo taken with the Olympus OM 50mm.

We found the bokeh to be less creamy than our FD lenses but the detail was certainly more sharper too. Overall we felt the images out shined those captured with FD lenses, although we are still fans of our FD lenses too. We'll just be getting a lot more use out of the Olympus lenses...

Thanks for viewing guys, and special thanks to all those who left suggestions under our retro lens posting, as to what other old style lenses we could try.

Ian & Dom


Nice photo.
I use OM mount lenses too. Tokina 17mm OM works well.