Double aperture

Started by aryakvn, September 18, 2019, 12:07:20 PM

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Hi .
I just came up with a new feature that you can add to magic lantern. I dont have the time to create it myself so i just though i'd share it with you so one of you can write the script for it .

The feature is called Double aperture . It basically takes to Photos ( In Burst mode and as fast as possible ) with two different values of aperture ( For example one with the widest aperture possible , say f1.8 and one with a relatively slow aperture like f8 ) so you can separate the subject from the background in post production easier .

Walter Schulz

Shoot tab -> Advanced bracket -> [Q] -> Bracket type DOF (Aperture)
Frames =2
EV increment -> Adjust as needed. Ex: f/1.8, 4 EV -> 2nd shot with f/7.1