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Canon 6D support?

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Any timeline yet for possible 6D support?

Do we have *official* specs yet?

Oh wait, they released them today, right? :o

Well... only Canon knows. They should publish a firmware update first.

- one DIGIC V+ CPU only. That's good news. Sort of. The MKIII port should provide a nice headstart
- Integrated Wifi and GPS should pose no threat since we never touched them :P
I really hope they used the 650D SD card controller for increased write speed

All in all it's my feeling is "Meh, doesn't really convince me but whatever". Porting ML shouldn't be an issue but with no firmware update we're kinda stuck unless there's some kind of breaktrough for dumping the firmware on the DigicV(+) cameras.

At $2k this is more affordable but what about crop mode (or is it un-needed now?)

They added:

--- Code: ---For still pics, the 6D has an HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, which captures three different exposures of the same shot and combines them for better detail and color.
--- End code ---

Glad to see they're learning. What about HDR video? Why don't we have 2k on this ish? I figure $2k for 2k and $4k for 4k.... They should do something we can't do. I guess they tried with GPS/WiFi but these aren't deal breakers for me although wifi is a nice touch.

Also is the 1080p real 1080p...... What about 480P highspeed? Like 600fps or something? I'm sure hardware can do something in that range. Other pros would appreciate some advanced stuff, they're aiming at a niche market already; this isn't for Jr's birthday pics. I don't get it.


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