Canon 6D with antialiasing filter test

Started by iaburn, April 09, 2024, 11:57:54 PM

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Just in case someone was wondering if the filter would make a big difference, here are some samples with the VAF-6D anti-aliasing filter installed. I recorded some tricky shots for the 6D in 1080p mode (normally lots of aliasing), but with the filter is totally artifact-free.

Cannot wait for the EOS M filter from ALT CINE!  :D


Hunh. That's interesting. I used to avoid that camera just because of the aliasing but this is super awesome footage. Did you shoot raw?
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Yes, it was all RAW 14bits, crop mode off except for the high fps clips.
The filter is awesome, but the price they ask for is crazy. I much rather expend that amount of money on a BMPCC OG.
I found it cheap on a second hand local shop so I got it out of curiosity.