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Started by scrax, June 16, 2012, 09:03:03 PM

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HI all,
just finished adding a signature on my profile that could be helpful to others in better understanding my post.
For example when reporting bug you can see from it what camera I'm using.
In some support forum it is a rule to have a signature with the hardware used to avoid to post it for each problem.
I'm not convinced that a rule like this is needed here, or having a list of all your gear to show off, but maybe just having the camera can become a good practice?

If you are agree with me just update yours signature from the Profile->Forum Profile menu
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Nice idea. I have 600d and 100mm macro as well. Very nice combo.
I'll add some gear later.


Maybe it would also be a nice idea to add it into the Profile, like the ICQ# or the Location, displayed under the Avater next to every post?
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That's mine upgraded.
This is going to be a great forum for ideas and inspiration. Just what I need.
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good idea. I've added my camera/gear to my signature too.


Locking and sticking this topic as it's a very useful suggestion
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