Mark 2 or Mark 3

Started by Ace Wright, March 04, 2024, 12:37:33 AM

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Ace Wright

I was given a Mark 2 and want to use it as a backup/ B cam for my RF R6 Mark 2 shooting C-Log video.   I was an early user of Magic lantern when it first came out years ago and even paid to support it.  Now that I am looking at it again, I am wondering if buying a cheap Mark 3 will be that much better than a Mark 2 both with ML.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

Walter Schulz

5D3 hands down.
Only thing 5D2 is doing better: Price.


The 5D2 is a very capable camera. I use it still. I've actually compared 5D2 ml raw video to the Clog3 in the R6 and there is practically no difference in quality to me at 1080p. You MAY get some moire/aliasing on a shirt or something on the 5D2 because the anti-aliasing isn't as good but it's an amazing camera. (You can get higher resolutions if you use a crop though... or I guess you can upscale to 4k using topaz.)

However, the 5d3 is the king around here. The 4K builds are incredible and continuous and it would probably be the main reason to upgrade if you want to match the 4k video of the R62. There is also no aliasing.
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