Author Topic: Any interest in collaborating to create a ML batch processing utility?  (Read 2189 times)


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I was looking on the forum today and began to notice a theme.  The type of people who use ML are the type of people who are very creative and create a ton of little scripts to quickly and easily take full advantage of all the great photo and video processing features available in ML.  This windows utility is a perfect example:

Myself and few other people commented to say they were developing similar programs.  I think it would be a really good Idea to have a combined effort to create a GPL multi OS utility to process common ML functions such as HDR video, timelapse and others.  It could have the batch processing built-in and enable plugin like support for new ML features.

If you would be interested in using or developing something like this, please comment here to help brainstorm.

Malcom's utility bove uses C#, but most of the c# code should be easily portable into something multiplatform like python while still using the same libraries.  I'm an electrical engineer, but currently just start working in software development.  I have some experience, but packaging a desktop app for delivery on multiple platforms will be a learning experience to say the least.  Hope this idea is interesting to a few others of you out there as well.


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Re: Any interest in collaborating to create a ML batch processing utility?
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Sounds like a great project. I wish my programming experience was enough to help but a 1 year class on C++ 10 years ago won't cut it. I hope you find some others who can.