Need help to setup video for fireworks

Started by chiccozapp, July 06, 2023, 02:19:43 AM

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Hi guys..
i'm in trouble trying to setup my 700D for recording a fireworks show..
In manual mode i set f/11, 100 ISO, shutter 1/50, 1920 @ 25fps... need some other settings to work fine?
I think theese settings could be a bit darker for a good video.. what are the maximum iso for a good result?!
Thanks so much!


If Im not mistaken, and depending on the camera, ISO is just exposure gain, also for Fireworks depending on the wished aspect I would go with a bit higher than 180° to have less movement blur so maybe 1/45 or something, so higher rolling shutter will impact your exposure to have darker image like you want

I don't have a 700D but the best ISO is just the one with the less noise, so just make test.

You maybe want to increase ISO or aperture if you want more dynamic in highlights tho but again I don't have a DIGI5 I don't know how they behave, because most of the time ETTR will have more dynamic in the lights and Underexposed will have more dynamic in the shadows but like I said Its camera depending and I just have theoric knowledge about this, and learn from others people tests

Walter Schulz

Sorry, I think there is a galore of misconceptions and false assumptions.
Don't have the time right now to sort it out but ATM I cannot agree on most posted here.

@kitor & names: ChatGPT at work?


My 2 cents - maybe fireworks is the exactly one kind of scenario where you may wish to have 360 degree shutter angle.. It may look more interesting with motion blur, but I never shot fireworks with ML so it is just in theory.

Although if you want to use plugins to create slow motion later, then motion blur is your enemy.

I shot fireworks in usual video mode once, and I definitely noticed that you want details in low lights, because after the explosion you will have those light trails everywhere and they are quite dim compared to the explosion itself, but if you can see them on your footage it looks better.
Personally I won't care as much about over-exposing the highlights, I would focus my attention on low light sensitivity. Although technically it is kind of wrong.

But if you are going to some really epic firework show where everything will be just filled with light, then you probably want to adjust your settings to have better highlights instead (not clipped as much)

After all, it will probably be a trade-off between the dynamic range and the ability to recover dim trails of light.

You can try your settings with some cheap sparklers in the night, to see what works best.. Not exactly the same thing but it will probably give you some ideas.

p.s. maybe this will help:


Thanks Walter, could you expose quickly some links / ressources / sum up arguments ?
I can understand you don't have the time and if you wouldn't do it Its ok.

Also did I miss something ? Some reply have been deleted right ?!