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Started by DarkTrapStudio, June 03, 2023, 07:33:00 PM

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Hello everybody how you doing ?

Im a 28 years French guy, Im an amateur music producer planning to go professional also an Arts, and Spiritual enthousiast (Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Feng Shui, Dance, Esoteric Architecture like Golden ratios, Animals symbolosism, Pyramids, Tesla mindset etc..)
I stumbled on magic lantern thanks to Zeek, and rapidly been stock about it cause I don't have enough money at this moment to buy A BMPCC, Im planning to buy a 650/700D this very month, I wanted an EOSM first but It need a rig to be competitive with the screen and viewfinder as the EOS-M and so Ill also wait for IMCE next video that gonna compare 650 to the EOS-M.

Im planning to do photography, music videos, commercials for my future merch, wildlfe capturing and so on as I am broad and large in genenral.

Also Id like to thanks a lot ML devs, Zeek, and IMCE to help me been part of the ML adventure !

If your in France, or if you'd like to share anything with me, or ask don't hesitate !