Increase Dynamic Range WITHOUT Using Dual ISO for DNG Files (Not Successful)

Started by davidicharp, November 24, 2023, 03:38:44 PM

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There is a simple trick that changes the color space and gamma to Panasonic V Log. This allows for lost highlights to be recovered which are otherwise lost using standard Rec 709 or Black Magic Settings in the Raw Camera Tab in Davinci Resolve. Please give credit to the developer on motioncam app Sebastian for this trick. If you aren't familiar with motioncam, it allows your smartphone to shoot raw just like you would on your Canon device.

The most easy and quick way is to download the powergrade from Sebastian. Import the vlogSeb.drx into your gallery tab and apply it into your node grade. Adjust exposure in the first node using the HDR global wheel  Leave the CST alone as is- this changes log to the timeline color space. (It will show Rec 709 for the color space in the Camera Raw tab, but it is really V-Gamut. Gamma should appear as "Panasonic V-Log"

The more sure and stable way is to use exiftool. Find the root folder of where the converted DNG files are stored then type "CMD" to open command prompt. Next type in the following command.

exiftool -uniquecameramodel="Panasonic Varicam RAW" *  -overwrite_original

When you access your DNG files in Davinci Resolve, you should see the color space say "Panasonic V-Gamut" and the gamma say "Panasonic V-Log" in the Camera Raw Tab


I cant hold myself.

This is just plain wrong, you are not increasing the DR, you are just mapping out the data to V-log with an overly complicated workflow changing exif data. There is no magic there, you can do the exact same thing with a color managed workflow.

Even in a Rec709 workflow, your data is all there. Try making a project in rec709, use CST rec709 to V-log.

But I'd recommend the color managed workflow.

Input: Linear
Timeline color space: Vlog
Output color space: Vlog

If you got mixed camera footage, use the Media Color Space input by right clicking on the clips you need changed e.g. You got 5d3 dngs and Sony Slog 3 -s-gammut 3, select the sony clips and right click for the drop down menu and set input color space to Sony slog 3 -s gammut 3 and voila, all footage is now correctly transformed to V-log and its without you having make complicated nodes using CST's to align all footage and bog down performance even more.

And if you want to stay in YRGB "rec709", dont be affraid of pulling those Camera Raw parameters.
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You are guys are correct. This does not increase dynamic range. At first it appeared it did, but found out it only created more noise in the shadows.