Missing sub-menus - ISO, White Balance etc

Started by NativeNomad, May 18, 2023, 03:57:07 AM

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I've had Magic Lantern installed on menu memory cards over the years, but lately I've noticed that a couple important options have 'disappeared' from my EXPO menu (at least missing from the monitor on this memory card I currently have access to)... for me at least.

The menu list for EXPO is now only this:
REC PicStyle
Exp. Override
LV Display
(I can't seem to correctly attach an image to this forum posting - sorry)

Did I do something which could have hidden or wiped these menus? 

And... If the settings are reset, is there a risk to the camera or indeed card?  Of course, I'd rather diagnose what the issue is though and see what I may have done for these options to be missing!  ;)



Walter Schulz

Camera type?
Build name?

About pics: Magic Lantern Forum -> General Discussion -> Forum and Website -> Sticky topics -> How to add images to posts on the forum?


Canon 550D
Build:  23rd July 2012

I believe this is all correct...


Walter Schulz

This build is hopelessly outdated and therefore unsupported. No support for any missing items.

Switch to lua_fix build. https://builds.magiclantern.fm/experiments.html