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First alpha version for 5D Mark III is ready!

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We are very happy to announce the first public test version for the 5D mark III. Since a complete port may take some time and we realize that a lot of people are waiting for it, we have decided to release early a minimal version that should be useful and - we hope - with very little risk.

This first alpha version is based on v2.3 core and only has a small feature set, like zebras and focus peaking (see screenshot). It will not attempt to change any Canon settings or do any kind of permanent firmware modification. This also means the autoboot feature does not work yet - you will have to load Magic Lantern every time by running Firmware Update from Canon menu.

Since the 5D mark III has two card slots, we recommend running Magic Lantern from a small SD card that stays in the camera. All recording can take place on CF cards. The CF cards don’t have to be bootable or prepared in any way, and you can freely swap and format them without problems.

What's next?Our goal is to have a rock solid and feature-complete port of Magic Lantern for 5D Mark III in the upcoming version 2.4. We are starting today with a minimal feature set, and once you, the testers, convince us that it’s very stable, we can gradually add more features. The 5D mark III version will remain in alpha status until all important features can be fully ported.


Download ML for 5D3

Click here to read this article!

Thanks, A1ex! I will try it out later tonight. Between this and the 600D bitrate developments, this is an exciting time for ML! Your work is much appreciated!

Peter Linov:
Отличная новость , Спасибо...sorry...Great news! Thank you!
But I can not download ...  sad. :'(

You need to be a donor to access the download...and donations usually take up to 24h to process

So, everyone, keep that in mind  ;)

Long time listener, first time caller (err... donor).

One word for this.  Awesomesauce

Can't wait to get access to take her for a spin


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